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REFUGE Book becomes Best Seller

January 20th, 2021

Our latest hardcover book, REFUGE: America’s Wildest Places, is featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and more, becoming a top selling photography book in 2020.

“The book, a coffee table-like hardback with otherworldly photography, is visually arresting but also an educator about the wildest system in the country.” –CNN

“The National Parks get all the love, but if you really want to commune with nature and not a stampede of RVs, try a National Wildlife Refuge.” – The Wall Street Journal

“…astonishing artwork exposing the undercover beauty of the nation’s hidden natural wonders that will move readers far beyond their familiarity with the Redwood forests or Half Dome Yosemite…promises to leave viewers gasping at every page.”  –The Federalist

“His photographs of the islands are transporting, as are so many of his images of our refuges and the wildlife that make their home within them.” 
– Earth Island Journal