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“Shore to Shore” by Rachid Dahnoun

Kosta Browne winemaker Nico Cueva and Hawaiian Chef of the Year Mike Lofaro set out on a journey from the Sonoma Coast to the Maui shore to capture a sense of place through their wine and food. “Shore to Shore” is the mini-documentary that follows these craftsmen to their respective backyards, highlighting how each draws immense inspiration through community, stewardship of the land, and their drive to push boundaries.

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Conservation in the Annamite Range by Oscar Dominguez

This ongoing project by Oscar Dominguez features the Annamite Range (a mountain range in eastern Indochina that stretches between Laos and Vietnam) with the purpose of showing the amazing wildlife it still holds, the threats it faces, and the people struggling to save it. This mountain range is home to rare and elusive wildlife, including the saola (pseudoryx nghetinhensis), one of the world’s rarest large mammals found only in this mountain range.

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Midway Film Available on Amazon, iTunes

Midway: Edge of Tomorrow is a cinematic expedition that honors Midway Atoll’s famous role in the Pacific Ocean theater of World War II and celebrates its evolution as one of the most precious islands on Earth, a flagship of oceanic conservation.

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Silent Kingdom – Publishing

Silent Kingdom reveals the world beneath the waves in an ethereal collection of black-and-white underwater photography. Through stunning black-and-white images, award-winning photographer Christian Vizl uses a masterful control of light and shadow to portray the creatures of the sea as they are rarely seen, at home in the ethereal world beneath the waves.

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