A Short Film “Little Stream, Big Magic”

October 21st, 2022

In Franklin, West Virginia, something magical is happening in the local streams! A native trout species pushed to the brink of extinction is making a remarkable comeback. Working with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Partners for Fish & Wildlife, local farmers, ranchers and the community at large are uniting behind this incredible restoration effort.

The short film “Little Stream, Big Magic” captures the beauty of West Virginia’s famous fly-fishing rivers in stunning detail and delivers a heartwarming story of people’s resilience and dedication to conservation. Produced by the award-winning film team Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc. in cooperation with the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program (PFW) and Trout Unlimited (TU), the film provides an important perspective to further engage with private landowners in the community on the benefits of restoring trout habitat. This beautiful and uplifting film shows audiences what’s possible for grassroots conservation nationally.



Award of Excellence: Nature / Environment / Wildlife – Best Shorts Competition
Platinum Winner Documentary Short – 2022 International Independent Film Awards
Best Documentary Short Finalist August 2022  – New York International Film Awards


Green Film Festival of San Francisco – October 6th – 16th
2022 International Independent Film Awards – October 9th
Handle Climate Change Film Festival – October 22nd – 29th (China)
Big Syn International Film Festival – Oct 23rd – 28th (London). Selected as part of a United Nations Sustainable Development Goals commitment.
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival – October 30th – November 30th
Sustainable Stories Film Fest (SSFF) – November 11th (Houston, TX)
Nature Without Borders International Film Festival – February 12th, 2023 (Delaware)
Golden Short Film Festival – July 2023 (Abruzzo, Italy)