About Us

Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc., is a leading visual media company that provides photography and motion picture content for the nature, outdoor adventure, healthy living, and travel industries. For almost a decade, under the creative direction of founder Ian Shive, Tandem’s photography has helped hundreds of brands reach new audiences with captivating imagery detailing the magnificent and beautiful world around us. In addition, Tandem has developed award-winning documentary-style films for the broadcast television, giant-screen film, and digital-streaming marketplace.

Our Commitment to Conservation

Tandem cares about the environment and collaborates with those who share similar interests. Our partnerships with environmental nonprofits, such as the Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club, strengthen our commitment to environmental conservation. Tandem’s images serve to educate people about the environment through inspiring stories of our beautiful planet as well as the challenges facing our planet’s delicate ecosystems.


Since 2010

A vast network of award-winning creatives and business strategists. 

  • Ian Shive


  • Nick Merwin


  • Ian Maliniak

    Vice President of Post Production

  • Rebecca Gaal

    Partnerships at SBWCN

  • Felix Tonio Stintzing

    Director of Photography

Featured Publications

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What Our Clients Say


Tandem Stock is our first stop when we need inspirational, outdoor adventure and landscape imagery. The quality and breadth of their portfolios is exceptional and I can find what we need in minutes.

Louisa Albanese, Senior Photo Editor
Backpacker Magazine


Tandem always finds a solution that fits our project’s needs. Their customer service sets them apart; quick to respond and basically like an extension of our own team. Thanks Tandem!



Thomas Carter
National Foundation for Outdoor Living

As a travel magazine, we need awe-inspiring images that encourage people to get outside and explore. Tandem is always my first stop for gorgeous scenic images. It is so well curated, it is a pleasure to search their site. 

Maggie Perkins, Photo Editor
VIA Magazine | AAA's Travel Magazine