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Jeff Lewis and Tung Dao are the founders of Escaype, the world’s leading weather service for photographers. They use a patented weather model to create personalized forecasts for local artists, making dream shots a reality. Their close-knit community + collective focuses on developing your vision, and produces books, art shows, and online galleries. Learn more at!

Tandem is proud to feature the photography of Osprey Packs. Osprey is a global leader for their high-performing backpacks. Their outstanding imagery reflects the modern, well-outfitted adventurer, and their collection is now available to a wide audience exclusively through Tandem.

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This ongoing project by Oscar Dominguez features the Annamite Range (a mountain range in eastern Indochina that stretches between Laos and Vietnam) with the purpose of showing the amazing wildlife it still holds, the threats it faces, and the people struggling to save it. This mountain range is home to rare and elusive wildlife, including the saola (pseudoryx nghetinhensis), one of the world’s rarest large mammals found only in this mountain range.

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Mitch Pittman

“I am continually inspired by nature. Every mile, from the top of a volcano to the bottom of a waterfall, brings me fulfillment, peace, and happiness. Through my work, I hope others are inspired to take their own adventures and feel this for themselves.”

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Tandem in the Wild

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This spread is part of a conservation story on the remote Pacific islands for the National Parks Conservation Association magazine.

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Tandem’s image of the Valley of Fire takes the cover of VIA Magazine, the official publication of AAA.

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An image of Washington state’s The Enchantments on the cover of the Sierra Club Outings 2019 Trip Guide.

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An ideal fly fishing spot caught by a Tandem photographer that has been featured on the cover of the German publication Fischers Fritz.

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