Dive into The Last Unknown with Ian Shive

March 8th, 2021

In a daring, high-seas adventure, award-winning photographer and Tandem’s founder Ian Shive captures a series of wildlife spectacles including an active volcano, forgotten World War II relics and battles amongst species. The Last Unknown streams Thursday, March 18 on discovery+.

The Aleutian Islands are one of the most inaccessible, remote and wild places on Earth. Located in the freezing sea between Siberia and Alaska, it’s a place only few have had the chance to witness. The archipelago is comprised of 14 large volcanoes and 55 smaller ones, making it one of the most volcanic places in the world. But it’s that very same volcanic activity that is key to the success of the wildlife that thrive there.

In an all-new discovery+ documentary, conservationist and nature photographer Ian Shive joins the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service in a daring, on a one-of-a-kind research mission to document the wonders of one of the most pristine ecosystems across the globe.

Check out the preview above and go behind the scenes with Ian on his journey to the Aleutian Islands located in the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. These islands are some of the most remote and uninhabited places on Earth. See what it takes to capture the
perfect photo in the last unknown!